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Looking to Visit Cornwall?

You may live in the UK – or somewhere further away in the world – you be thinking of visiting Cornwall – here’s a few facts about Cornwall you may not know , they may persuade you to rent a Holiday Property in this wonderful Cornish land, fun of amazing things to see and do, and visit.

Amazing Cornish Beaches

Sand and more Sand, Cornish beaches are truly amazing , and to own a Holiday Property in Cornwall can allow you amazing access to the many different types of beaches along the Cornish coastline – even a visit in the dead of Cornish winter can leave you with a wonderful smile on your face: Here in Cornwall we have North Coastal Beaches, South Coastal Beaches, South East facing Beaches with a complete diversity that constantly offers a wow factor of 10/10

A Cornish Sandy Beach

Some of the top Cornish beaches to be found are in fact pure golden sand, dotted around the North coast of Cornwall you can find lovely sandy beaches, from Hayle to St Ives you can find some of the most beaches – Beaches of golden sand in and around the town of Hayle defiantly will include Black Cliff Beach, Towans Beach, Porthkidney, Mexican Towans, further up Gwithian, Godrevy , and if you flip back in the other direction towards St Ives you can then find amazing sandy beaches such as Porthminster, St Ives Town Harbour, and the famous Porthmeor beach.


Trekking further to lands end

Well beyond the boundaries St Ives and defiantly in long walking distances you can find the beautiful beaches of Sennen and Gwenvor quite remote sandy beaches but certainly worth a visit, after skipping around lands end you can quickly find yourself on the south coast, more golden sandy beaches follow on from here , Porthcurno, Marion , Pra Sands , are just some of the super sandy beaches to visit on the south coast – further along the South coast of Cornwall you finally blend into the South East coast beaches.

The East Coast Cornwall

The SEC beaches Lantic, Lantivet, and Looe beach all have super sandy beach areas, they say your only ever 13 miles away from the North coast to the South coast of Cornwall – a short car journey across land from the South East coast you will then find yourself in and around Perranporth, St Agnes, the main town beach of St Agnes might well be small , but worth a visit, Perranporth beach with its large size can be broken down into sections each with its own name , midway down know as Penhale Sands, carry on down the coast towards the famous Newquay beaches and you can find some of the UK s most popular Cornish Beaches such as Fistral beach, Crantock, and Watergate bay beach.

Special Cornish places to visit

Cornwall offers more than just wonderful beaches, the county is rich in heritage,  and you will find numerous places to visit and stay, from art galleries, famous towns and villages, entertainment and attractions –

Famous attractions include the Tate St Ives this very extensive art gallery is situated on the front of Porthmeor Beach – the Tate really celebrates the long-standing legacy of the towns long reaching international artists – and is a definite must see – If you’re interested in great boat trips then why not consider Enterprise Boat Trips 

Whichever part of Cornwall you visit you are going to find some perfect places to visit – see and do – a good starting point will be to check out the Vist Cornwall website –  Here you will find an amazing selection of things to do in Cornwall – best deals around – activities for families , what’s new and defintaly on the top of the check list!








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