Top Ten B&B Website Tips

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Running a Bed And Breakfast as a business? If you are you will know how tricky it can be to fill your bookings. A full B&B makes for a happy Bed and Breakfast business. Below are some website tips if you are running a B&B.

Many of you running a bed and breakfast do know that word-of-mouth along with customer referrals is a primary B&B marketing weapon and tool for filling beds.

Many if not most have a B&B on website platforms such as “Trip Advisor” so that internet users from all over the world will read and comment about great experiences at your B&B. However, having your very own Bead And Breakfast can be key to filling your guesthouse beds.

Tip One – Website Content

If you run your own B&B website and really want to make a hit then make certain your content is good. Be certain your website content has plenty of keywords which refers to the area you are in. For example, if you are in Cornwall, add plenty of key wey words regarding Cornwall, the towns, the areas of interest to visit, best places to eat out.

Tip Two – Website Images

B&B website should really have great images of your property throughout, high re images, clear and nice looking, each room should have well-presented beds and facilities, and the dining area should be clean and well laid out B&B eye candy.

Tip Three B&B Booking System

A Bed and Breakfast website should have a simple but fast working booking system, it may be linked to a 3rd party such as Airbnb, it may not, and simply be the only way of booking, which very often is a great way to make more money and avoid the 3rd party commissions.

Tip Four Clear Information

It goes without saying that a clear, well laid out B&B website should have clear information about rooms, services, directions, check-in times, or local area information. If your website is unclear you may lose guests.

Tip Five B&B SEO

SEO or search engine optimization can be key to organic search bookings, particularly for your local area. Organic search is the term used for simple internet keyword searches such as Bed and Breakfasts in Devon, a search term highly used so your website content should reflect that.

Tip Six B&B directory Listings Websites

Additional B&B directory listings websites sometimes free can be a great way to share your website URL, and also Bed And Breakfast information, It is a really good way to gain some low-cost advertising so check what’s out there.

Tip Seven B&B Website Loading Speed

Sometimes for whatever reason, a website may begin to run slowly, this may be down to many reasons, if you suspect the website you have is loading slowly then find out what’s wrong and get it fixed.

Tip Eight Location Information Sections

Again, content is king they say, google likes great B&B website content, in fact, Google likes good content on websites and will rank the website higher for this reason. Place really great content on your Bed And Breakfast website to help drive visitors to its pages.

Tip Nine Add A Great Call To Action

Whats a Call To Action? well simply put its a deal, and offer, a special room and service, for example, Book 2 Nights and get the 3rd FREE, Contact Us Today! This can be a really great way to snag new guests.

Tip Ten Add A Facebook Page

A Facebook business page can be a great tool for your B&B, its free and can be used for many different reasons, show off your rooms, local area, or offers, and you can add a direct tab from your website to your B&B Facebook page.