Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Below you will find many possible questions you may wish to ask, and, if you don’t see what you’re looking for then drop us a line and we will get back to you right away.

Q1.I’m selling a house, but it’s not near the sea, I’m uncertain can I still list it?

Any property, Lodge, or caravan that’s let out that s not a long let property could be considered a Holiday let. Therefore it’s perfectly fine to list on our website if you are uncertain about any property you can contact us for advice.

Q.2.My property is listed for sale with an estate agent, can I still list on your site?

Yes: We welcome any estate agent wishing to showcase Holiday Properties, we create a showcase section for that estate agent, it links straight across to your agent website.

Q.3.What happens if I sell my property?

When your property has definitely sold and all transfers of ownership completed we ask kindly to drop us a line for the removal of that property, and no further year list fee will be sent.

Q.4.What happens if I wish to stay for another year with my properties or property, how do i pay?

To renew a listing – you will receive a payment request from us, if you wish to sign back up for another listing year then payment is via Bacs or Paypal upon our accounts invoice.




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