Keeping Burglars Out

Top 10 Tips To burglars from your holiday home

So you have a great Holiday Home, and its let through the summer, but when things go a little quieter, what about security? A break would be bad, really bad. The last thing any property owner wants is to get a call to say they suspect a break-in has taken place.

Stating the obvious, a break-in is bad for many reasons, personal reasons are at the top of the list but what about the insurance, that will go up for starters.

If you are sensible with a few good practices you can reduce the risk of a break-in, and keep the property burgery free!

Tip One – Instal a super-strong smart lock on the front door, this will definitely reduce the keys getting lost.

Tip Two – Definitely have a good alarm system, it’s a priority to have a well know alarm system installed.

Tip Three – Consider a motion sensor outside the house, this will be better if attached to a spotlight, which can be a good investment.

Tip Four – Keep your garden well maintained, this can have a positive effect on any possible criminal eyeballing the property, as it will appear there is more activity than presumed.

Tip Five – Team up with a next-door property owner, they may be around a little more than you, this can work both ways, you can keep an eye on their property too.