Disclaimer And Use Of Our Website 

Here at your holiday property online we have a simple goal, that is to showcase, and link to other website platforms selling or letting certain holiday homes, properties, units, caravans, or lodges.

Our purpose is to showcase properties with images, and content supplied by the owner or agent. In certain cases with the owners or agents’ permission, we – your holiday property online supply content for the purpose of property display.

Note* We do not buy, sell or manage properties

Note* All property listings are at the discretion of your holiday property online .com, therefore if we choose to remove any listing for whatever reason, all monies if any will be returned.

We are not estate agents, buying, selling, or managing properties.

Our website contains certain links for the benefit of the website user.

Removal of property – Listing fees are due on a yearly term, your holiday property online reserves the right to remove any property, or property owner that has not, or intends not to pay monies owned for a further listing, or updates any payments due.


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