Selling Caravan or Lodge’s

Sell Your Holiday Lodge Or Caravan To A Park Owner

Selling your Caravan or Lodge to a Holiday park owner is a very good place to start. Next is then to find out what the current value of your holiday unit is, try to gain access to the most up to date valuation information.
If you choose the easy route and sell to the park a commission on the sale will most likely be incurred. You may wish to consider a one-page website which is a service we offer, this allows your lodge or caravan to be showcased in a super light, you can find out a little more here.

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Key considerations when selling 

Selling Directly To Holiday Park

Sell Your Lodge or Caravan to Trader’s or Dealer’s

Selling Your Static Caravan Website’s

Selling Your Holiday Lodge Website’s

In most cases the Holiday park may make you an offer, however, you may need to bite the bullet on what you get from the sale, as there is a most likely chance major differences from the amount you originally paid for your unit, and what you want for the property.

If and when a park sells a Caravan or lodge to you it is as a ‘package’ for example a pitch slot and usually, with a license agreement, but if they decide to buy from you, they only have to buy the caravan from you. The park in nearly all cases wants to buy cheap at a reduced rate and then make a profit.

Parks of larger sizes have a core focus on the selling of new and used caravans and lodges as is where the most part of parks money is generally made across the year. The park’s offer will be based on the unit’s value and nothing else and often as with selling a second-hand car to a dealer they will no move on any offer price.

Be mindful that the park site owner will understandably take the below considerations to hand, inspect the lodge or caravan before coming back to you with an offer.

Key considerations when selling 

The general look of the Caravan/lodge ( is it looking in good shape )

Has the property Double Glazing or Central Heating

Condition of Caravan/Lodge, Roof, Walls, Doors In Good Shape

Inclusion of additional structures Decking-Verandah-Skirting

The Pitch or Lodge Position, if your unit is on an exclusive or top pitch area this could give you an edge in selling.

Selling Directly To Holiday Park

There are certainly some really good advantages to selling directly to the park

1. You would not be charged a disconnection fee or any sales commission and as there will be no inclusion of any third party, such as an off the street seller.

2. And most likely once the sale is completed you’ll receive your money within a reasonable timeframe, in a hassle-free and less time-consuming manner.

Sell Your Lodge or Caravan to Trader’s or Dealer’s

The next option to consider if your park owner is not in a position to buy your Caravan or Lodge is to seek another avenue such as Lodge or Caravan Trader’s that deal in buying up properties for reselling.

You can get started by contacting certain traders in the market place, get an idea of what they may consider giving you for your unit. This again will be very similar to what a park owner may offer, it’s with looking around, don’t just stick to one, a few to consider are below.

Selling Your Static Caravan Website’s

Below are just a few of the UK company’s selling static Caravans, worth a peak as its always best to shop around. – Salisbury Caravans Limited has a  highly professional setup, contact them directly for advice. – Sunrise Holiday Homes Ltd is a professional company that may offer advice. – Buy my static will offer some really great advice, from pricing to your next steps to consider.  – Sam Beck Caravans have a fantastic setup, they have a superb selection of units for sale, contact the sales team for advice. – Consider going over to and in the caravans section, you can find some really good options. – statics 4sale offer a high level of experience and definitely worth contacting. – Based in Shrewsbury salop leisure offers a high level of Caravan services, definitely worth contacting.

Selling Your Holiday Lodge Website’s

As with the Caravans, below are just a few of the UK company’s selling Holiday Lodges, worth a peek to see what’s on offer and pick up extra tips in buying and selling. – with just there’s a heap of offers and info to be found.

The next step to refer to is your pitch license agreement. Mostly just two main considerations to bear in mind which are –

  1. Notice to terminate your agreement – Are you required under the terms of your pitch license, to provide your park with short or long term notice to remove your caravan from the park, or give them ‘the first refusal? double-check this as in the past sellers have come unstuck.
  2. Disconnection or removal cost –It’s worth double-checking your agreement to see what your obligations are if any. With many agreements, there will often be a required cooling notice period which can vary from as little as 14 days to 120 days. Inform the park as soon as you have made the choice to sell.

In most cases selling a static Caravan, there will be a disconnection and removal charge made by your park to ready your unit for collection, however that may be. If you are intending on anything other than selling to the park consider the costs may be high for removal.

Sell a Caravan or Lodge Privately And Remain on Park

If you consider your options, this could well be the best option if you want to maximize the sale price you get for the sale – Firstly have a look at your agreement, or in fact, refer to the park owner to see what you need to do, and going the park route. Consider that price, up against the potential stresses of not selling to the park.

Getting the reselling price of your caravan can be a tricky task to assess. When buying a holiday caravan, you are paying a price that includes several factors such as the pitch, the age of the Caravan along with the condition of the caravan.

For further information, you may consider the below.

The British Holiday & Home Parks Association Website

 International Caravanning Association

Caravan and Motorhome Club