Buying A Holiday Property Advice

Buying A Holiday Property

Reasons For Holiday Home Purchases – have you considered your reasons for buying a holiday home or second home in the first place? This will have a great impact on your choice of location and property type before you buy.

Wanting a second home to be mixed-use is the most common reason, for example, you would like to a bit of rental income, but also use it for yourself or friends and family. Its a tricky process finding all the right reasons but these are the most common answers. 

Once you have made the step to look at buying a holiday property, found a possible location, property type, worked out your budget, set the checklist of other lists in place such as legal work, negotiations, solicitors and may also be that you require an additional mortgage and finding a lender. Consider your preparations and put your lists in place.

Buying With Cash

If you are lucky enough to buy with cash or have the money to buy a property outright you will still have to get in place your list of to-dos, if you’re not lucky enough to do this then the mortgage route is your only other option.

Finding Your Dream Holiday Home

The basic steps to owning. Whatever property you are looking for you will most likely have the same issues to consider, you’re possibly not going to find a property within a few days, it could take months, Holiday House, Lodge, Caravan, Flat either buying property across Britain is well known for being a notoriously long drawn-out process – which may be quicker if you’re buying a private lodge or indeed a caravan.

Purchasing a holiday home for investment 

When looking for a rental investment you can trust, you might have different priorities to consider than if you are just looking for a retreat for your own personal use. If your only looking gain capital and it’s your main interest, then it’s most likely you will choose a property that will sell again quickly when the time is right, so choose with care.

The Holiday Property Buying Route

What type of property

The very first step you’re going to take might well be what property you would like, whatever you go for will more than likely be reflexed by how much money you have to buy. How much you can afford, also not to forget the one-off expenses involved in the whole process, which could total up to quite a few thousand. Stamp duty will play a big part in the outgoing one-off fees so you may wish to look into the area of stamp duty before you choose your purchase property type.

Holiday home a good investment? 

Buying a property you can call a Holiday Home can be a fantastic investment, but only as long as you manage and look after your property well, and gets lots of bookings.

The average UK Holiday homeowner earns around  20K a year from letting out their property, however, that’s dependant o the property type, the season weather, what type of property you have, and quite frankly how well it promoted.

For it to be a truly profitable Holiday Property then treat your property as a business will bring in more focus and revenue.

One-Off Fees

The Leaders If You Borrow

Most lenders will require a valuation of the property so they may check its value, this in most cases is a valuation fee YOU the buyer must carry, no way around that, and it has to be done. It’s worth finding out more about the prices, they will be slightly higher depending on the property price worth.

Get a Property Survey Done

Getting a survey arranged whenever you’re buying a house or property is hugely advised, you must double-check for any possible defects the property may have, With 3 types of surveys, a basic survey carried out by your lender if you have one, then an extra fully comprehensive building survey which is quite a costly process but worth doing properly and could cost up to £1,000 which is dependant on the value of the house. With a New lodge purchase or even Holiday Caravan, you may not need an actual property Survey, double-check with your leader if you’re taking that route.

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